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We are building GEMS into a sustainable program intertwined in the fabric of the central Vermont region. In five years, we want GEMS to be a program partnered with local organizations, forging connections between community members that yield educational and social and professional opportunities.


G.E.M.S: The Future

Starting this year, GEMS participants will be given the opportunity to be paired with an adult mentor in the community to continue to build leadership skills and a support system. To that end, we have partnered with the Randolph Area Mentoring Program, and GEMS girls will have access to a one-on-one mentor to help guide them year-round. Students will also have the chance to meet as a GEMS group throughout the school year and participate in community service projects together every few months.


In the short-term, years one through three, we will develop opportunities for the connections and relationships built during the week in the summer to continue to grow the rest of the year. We want to see GEMS forge a stronger, longer-lasting community of women in Randolph and Montpelier, where adults and teens can both serve and be served within the community. We plan to run GEMS a second week in 2019 for a different set of participants. Running two programs will allow us to keep a cap of 14 participants (maintaining a high leader to group ratio) while reaching more of the local population.


In years four and five, 2020 and 2021, we will look to expand GEMS in scope, partnering with area towns, rec departments and schools to bring GEMS to other surrounding towns. A strong foundation within Randolph will make duplication run smoothly. We will ensure the local relationships and partnerships are in place to create a program that serves the unique needs of the target community while still adhering to the GEMS mission.

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